More Sound Stuff

A lot has happened between my last entry and this one… So, over the winter break (which lasts from roughly a week before Christmas to mid-January at my school), I took a course in Immersive Environments. I was part of a project  team that created an environment that was a composite of particles and crystals, whose…Read more »

Laurie Anderson

Morning, all! So, Laurie Anderson is coming to our humble campus to show some of her work and I will be helping out with the gallery exhibits in a research capacity (specifically the background information for the pieces). So far, I’ve been in a process called wallowing, a holdout from my humanities days, in which I inundate…Read more »


We have clothing! I repeat: we have clothing! It took several weeks and many, many, many man-hours (woman-hours?) of restarting Marvelous Designer to get to this point, but the basic hanfu template is complete! There were many different layers to add to create the illusion of depth in her clothing as well as the effect of the…Read more »