Week 1: Networked Learning

So, here’s one of the videos we watched (there’s adorable baby footage). In it, a professor from KU talks about how we “get by” our classes and watch our education pass us by because we’re just trying to “get through” our requirements and commitments during college. He also points out the design flaws in the…Read more »

NIME 2018

This year’s NIME conference was a smashing success! The genuises leading our design team, Meaghan Dee and Patrick Finley, created award-winning designs for the proceedings, we had a promotional short to hype everyone up… There were multiple keynotes… … and a great deal of enthusiasm from attendees, who documented the proceedings on social media. Oh,…Read more »

More Sound Stuff

A lot has happened between my last entry and this one… So, over the winter break (which lasts from roughly a week before Christmas to mid-January at my school), I took a course in Immersive Environments. I was part of a project  team that created an environment that was a composite of particles and crystals, whose…Read more »