Because of my musical training, my primary mode of creation is sonic, and greater emphasis is placed on creative acts that are heard rather than seen. To that end, I have spent the last several years building and curating a sound library of field recordings from various locations around the world (Alaska, Canada, Sweden, Finland, and Norway among others).

In my studies at Virginia Tech, I integrate my background in composition and computer music with newfound skills in animation, motion graphics, photogrammetry, human-centered design, generative art, and new media to create sonic and visual art for immersive environments. Currently, I am most interested in making art that engages directly with themes of environmentalism, biomimicry, human-computer interaction, and emergent phenomena.



2019 Sankofa: Artist as Historian, Scavenger, and Sotryteller

2019 Data Bank Art Show, Blacksburg, VA

  • Created a performance art piece featuring “Janet”, a blue-haired, high-heeled bedazzled and dazzling persona who interacted with visitors

2018 NewOrleans Film Festival, Cinema Reset

  • Created a brief frame-by-frame animation for Watershed, a projection mapping piece in the Cinema Reset (new media) category of the New Orleans Film Festival

2018 Data Bank Art Show, Blacksburg, VA

  • Premiered Dicyanoacetylene, an experimental multi-channel audio piece

ICAT Creativity and Innovation Day, May 2018

  • Sonification of Emergence, an experimental work for 24-channel audio, Max/MSP, and Processing

Moss Arts Center Galleries, Spring 2018

  • Laurie Anderson: Invented Instruments
  • Research Assistant to Kevin Concannon, Art Historian and worked with Margo Crutchfield, Moss Arts Center Curator-at-Large for the opening of the Laurie Anderson Exhibit.


Graduate Assistant, Virginia Tech: August 2017 – present

  • Assisted the instructor for ART 5604: Creative Code
  • Assisted the instructor for ART 3574/5524: Motion Graphics/Motion Graphic Design
  • Prepared video footage of student work for ICAT Day
  • Assisted with redesign of interpretive display at McCormick Farm near Steeles Tavern, VA
  • Collected information about Laurie Anderson’s body of work in preparation for Invented Instruments exhibit at the Moss Arts Center in May 2018
  • Managed social media presence of NIME 2018
  • Worked with the Design Team to create the NIME 2018 Conference Booklet


Performing Arts Coordinator, National Youth Science Camp: Summer, 2016 – 2017

  • Coordinated musical performances during camp
  • Taught seminars on instrumental music
  • Maintained an inventory of instruments, sheet music, and other assets

Co-President of Contrapunkt: the Undergraduate Composers’ Consortium, Cornell University: 2014-2015

  • Oversaw communications within the organization.
  • Connected with other groups to organize events on campus.
  • Facilitated communication between student composers and players
  • Communicated with faculty advisor about state of the organization