NIME 2018

This year’s NIME conference was a smashing success! The genuises leading our design team, Meaghan Dee and Patrick Finley, created award-winning designs for the proceedings, we had a promotional short to hype everyone up… There were multiple keynotes… … and a great deal of enthusiasm from attendees, who documented the proceedings on social media. Oh,…Read more »

More Sound Stuff

A lot has happened between my last entry and this one… So, over the winter break (which lasts from roughly a week before Christmas to mid-January at my school), I took a course in Immersive Environments. I was part of a project  team that created an environment that was a composite of particles and crystals, whose…Read more »

Laurie Anderson

Morning, all! So, Laurie Anderson is coming to our humble campus to show some of her work and I will be helping out with the gallery exhibits in a research capacity (specifically the background information for the pieces). So far, I’ve been in a process called wallowing, a holdout from my humanities days, in which I inundate…Read more »