In order to retain some sense of order, control, and normalcy, I’m still chugging away at finding employment, updating my portfolio, and adding new content in these unusual times.

Losing my first job out of school, coming home to an intergenerational household with almost every demographic represented (including those most vulnerable to the current sickness ravaging those in hospitals and elder care homes), and having all those generations lose their in-person social connections with the outside world has been a blow–especially to the oldest among us for whom leaving home to interact with others their own age was the highlight of their day. At this point, however, we are all grateful that everyone is still alive and (reasonably) healthy, and as such, I will continue to make things, as will everyone else in my household, because we all need some sense of order right now, even if it’s only within the confines of our harddrives, canvases, or sketchpads.

Baby steps, everyone. Baby steps,


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