In the interest of disclosure, I was a little rusty on the syllabi fro my own classes when the topic of syllabus design came up in our Contemporary Pedagogy class. We created draft syllabi for classes for which we served as TAs or for The College Course of Our Wildest Dreams™, and then we went to a peer review process with our classmates, and when I saw their syllabi, I couldn’t help but think, “Wow. Mine sucks. I really need to step it up.” Here’s the best excerpt of what I’ve got so far. The plan is to take the rest of the content and also create a nice layout for it (I’m in an art/design/creative code program; it’s the least I can do) in the hopes that my hypothetical Engaged and Enthusiastic Dream Students™ actually read my syllabus. So, here goes:



Who knows, maybe they will. 🤓

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