NIME 2018

This year’s NIME conference was a smashing success!

The genuises leading our design team, Meaghan Dee and Patrick Finley, created award-winning designs for the proceedings, we had a promotional short to hype everyone up…

There were multiple keynotes…

… and a great deal of enthusiasm from attendees, who documented the proceedings on social media.

Oh, and Gregory Taylor from Cycling ’74 (the good people who make Max/MSP and who are now a part of Ableton), even wrote a glowing post about the conference on the site!!!

I am so proud of all of us (the performers, the keynotes, my fellow grad students and ICAT staff who were the beating heart of the conference) for pulling it off! It was a week of insane schedules and no sleep and way too much coffee, but we did it and there were many attendees who were happy to tell us that this was the smoothest NIME they’d ever been to! Off to the next adventure!

Baby Steps (and a leap of joy!)


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