Laurie Anderson

Morning, all!

So, Laurie Anderson is coming to our humble campus to show some of her work and I will be helping out with the gallery exhibits in a research capacity (specifically the background information for the pieces). So far, I’ve been in a process called wallowing, a holdout from my humanities days, in which I inundate myself with research materials: primary and secondary sources, media, anything that mentions my chosen research topic. I have spent the last couple of weeks reading, watching, and listening to everything I can find about Laurie Anderson. In the interest of full disclosure,  I didn’t know much about her work before my assistantship, but I have been learning a great deal in the last few months and since the exhibit opens in May, I will probably be an expert by then. I’d better get back to wallowing now. There will definitely be more posts about her and her work over the next few months.

Baby steps,


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