We have clothing!

I repeat: we have clothing!

It took several weeks and many, many, many man-hours (woman-hours?) of restarting Marvelous Designer to get to this point, but the basic hanfu template is complete! There were many different layers to add to create the illusion of depth in her clothing as well as the effect of the belt and collar around her waist and neck respectively. I also had to reduce the definition of her head and face in order to make the program run more efficiently and prevent it from crashing: the version I exported from ZBRush was incredibly precise–I had reached the point where I was sculpting individual hairs on her head–and was using up a lot of processing power, which is what caused many of the problems I encountered over the course of the project. Simply making a low-resolution version, exporting that, and sewing clothing onto it made things run more smoothly. Here’s a picture of my character before her simulation:


And here she is after:

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 12.15.18 PM.png

There are still some changes I’d like to make, but those will have to be done in another piece of software (either Maya or ZBrush), where I can make finals edits to her basic structure and begin adding the little extras that will make her truly unique (those fabulous accessories I talked about in an earlier post). In any case, I’m thrilled to have a working simulation!

Baby steps,


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