Morning, all!

As you have likely observed from the feature image, I am still working on the clothing for my character. It has been a challenging process to lay out the pattern of her hanfu in such a way as to make it intuitive to the software I am using, but after several iterations of this same file–and a few crash reports and some very late nights staring at a screen–I finally figured out a pattern that just might work. Given my experiences over the last two weeks, I have saved a copy in a separate location just in case my initial simulation goes horribly wrong (and there have been some comically bad simulations, most of which crashed the program), but I remain optimistic. In any case, I should begin the digital sewing process tomorrow and we’ll see what happens. After that, it goes into Maya for some additional tweaks, and maybe back into ZBrush for additional sculpting and then we’ll start thinking about fabrics and accessories (and she’s got some fabulous accessories!). After that, she’ll be all dolled up and ready for her grand entrance into the VR engine (either Unity or Unreal–both have been mentioned) where we can appreciate her in 3D. However, I am content with providing her with decent clothing for now.


Baby Steps.



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