ICAT Day Again

I’ve been working feverishly on my ICAT Day project, and I think I’m getting closer to the It Factor I’m going for. I’ve realized that timing is everything, hence the blinking lights and synchronized sliders and bells and whistles (or [toggle] and [metro] objects for the Max/MSP fans). The program flow has become a stark…Read more »

ICAT Day 2019

So… It has come upon us once again: ICAT Creativity and Innovation Day 2019! This year, I am continuing to pursue my fascintation with all things collective and wild: flocking, swarming, herding, schooling, and murmurating. Last year’s project was my first attempt to sonify the emergent phenomena that arise from the mesmerising movements of animals…Read more »

Week 1: Networked Learning

So, here’s one of the videos we watched (there’s adorable baby footage). In it, a professor from KU talks about how we “get by” our classes and watch our education pass us by because we’re just trying to “get through” our requirements and commitments during college. He also points out the design flaws in the…Read more »